My lawyer recommended KDK's Aimee Kowalker, a happy choice for me as a new MA resident with trust accounts and tax filings to the IRS, MA VA, and NC.  The Tax Prep document is a great help in organizing my information. If questions arise, Ms. Kowalker will contact me for clarification, a reassurance that every detail is noted. It is with confidence that I use Kurzman Dempsey & Kowalker as my accountant. 

-Elizabeth F. van der Voort

My family has been represented by the firm of Kurzman, Dempsey & Kowalker, LLP for over 40 years. Steve has had the responsibility of accounting for our family trusts since their inception. We commonly refer to him as our “Hall of Fame” CPA who is very well known and respected in the Greater Boston accounting community. He is always up-to-date and, on the cutting, edge of ever changing and complex tax laws. Given his expert level of knowledge, it’s no wonder that he is a valued and regular guest speaker at numerous conferences and seminars.

-Victor and Kathleen Accattatis

I have been a client for over 45 years and highly value their professionalism, ethics, and attention to details. They are always current with the updated codes and they respond quickly to any questions or concerns.  In addition to my business needs they also handle my personal accounting needs.  I would highly recommend them. 

-Michael Myers, Owner Boston Yacht Sales

I would recommend KDK as they are always knowledgeable about the laws and updates to the tax code and make me feel confident that they have my best interests at heart.

-Phyllis Mann